The SOAPbox

What is The SOAPbox?

The SOAPbox is software that is​​​ designed to expose database operations via web services. As a result, using the SOAPbox significantly reduces the cost and time of

typical integration projects by removing the complexity associated with creating internet facing Application Program Interfaces (APIs). Whether its a mobile initiative or just a way to connect your systems, leave the complex API management to us so you can focus on your development.

The SOAPbox is a perfect building block for both on-premise and cloud infrastructure as it creates APIs quickly and in less time than traditional hand-coding methods or large scale SOA initiatives.

No more expensive middle-ware platforms or fragmented integration projects. Simple and easy to use, the SOAPbox is truly integration in a little black box. 



How does it work?

​Step 1. Enter in your Database connection information​.​

Access The SOAPbox user interface and enter in your database information. 

The SOAPbox can handle multiple database connections.




Database Web Services,Database Integration
​Step 2. Write your SQL.​​

Write any SQL Operations you want to web service enable.

You can write any SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statement you wish.

You can even invoke stored procedures.


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Step 3. Grant Access.

You generate an API key or set of API keys that are used to access your database web service.

Each key can execute any number of SQL operations based on access permissions you set.

The SOAPbox acts as a web-service endpoint that talks to a database back end. It provides a secure abstraction layer so systems can talk in a controlled and secure environment.

All SQL operations are parameterized for additional security.

Create a web service for a database, create a web service that connects to a database
​​Step 4. Integrate​.

Once you have your API keys you are ready to integrate! The SOAPbox uses SOAP, REST, or JSON to communicate so it is easy to integrate with just about any system out there.

Pass the key and invoke the service.


If your key is valid, you can select, update, insert, delete, and execute database operations based on access policies that you define.

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