The Social Foundry partners with MeterHero!

I am pleased to announce that the Social Foundry has partnered with MeterHero! What is MeterHero? MeterHero is a cloud based and mobile meter reading dashboard that enables customers to get instant access to their meter data. Whether it be water, gas or something else, MeterHero empowers utility customers to make informed choices about how to use their household resources wisely.

The Social Foundry will providing the integration technology to enable utility systems to communicate with MeterHero.

I had a long conversation with McGee Young, founder of MeterHero, and his take on the how water scarcity will drive consumer behavior. In his estimation the first step to a successful conservation project is simple awareness. I was surprised to hear how water utility bills are confusing to consumers and therefore a customer cannot make informed decisions about how to use their household resources wisely. MeterHero is the first step in that journey and we are please to able to take that step with McGee and his team. Coming from a water background myself, this should be both a fun and rewarding project.

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