The Social Foundry speaks at IIUG about the role of APIs in the Cloud, Social and Mobile economy

The Social Foundry was invited to the IIUG conference to speak about the RISE in APIs and the role it has on social, mobile, and the cloud. It was a fun talk with like minded individuals and the views about the impact of REST based web services was confirmed by a number of developers. In essense, the REST revolution will result in an explosion of interconnected devices given the number of devices now outpace people in world. As the barriers to integration fall away, people will create new an innovated solutions that previously were unavailable today. This will result in an marked increase in global trade and may usher in a golden age of productivity.

The best video I have ever seen about this concept is done by Maya Designs and can be seen here.

As it stands The SOAPbox still is the only REST based web service layer available for the Informix platform today!

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