We will be speaking at the IIUG conference in April don't miss it!

The Social Foundry will be presenting at the IIUG annual conference in Miami Sept 25-28. We will be discussing the role of APIs and how the current stock of databases managers need to be aware of the vast changes taking place as API growth is expected to skyrocket.

Why DBA's? Because the vast majority of APIs will be database driven so the role of the DBA will extend beyond the just database layer and bleed into the application layer as APIs will become an extension of the data model.

The internet runs on APIs and databases, so a DBA has to have a good handle on how their companies API's are accessed, what impact they are having in terms of performance and you guess it.... the appropriate governance of the API layer.

Fun stuff!

I will post the DECK as soon as it is ready so everyone can download it and educate themselves on the next iteration of the web!

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