The SOAPbox now supports IBM Informix

Today is an exciting day as we add another database to our list! Jan 13, 2014 marks the day we support IBM Informix. Working with some seasoned IBM consultants, we were able to get the Informix integrations up and running a lot sooner than going it alone. Special thanks to Art Kagel (IBM Informix guru) for his suggestions on some key product features and helping us to find the information we needed to get this up and running.

As Informix is sometimes considered the 'forgotten' database, I was suprised to learn how many companies across the globe use this database to run their criticial business operations! In fact it looks like Informix 12.1 is positioned to be a nice addition to the world of 'Internet Everything' as it now supports Mongo Drivers (for big data applications and sharding capability) as well as its mastery of date/time logging. What do I mean by date/time logging? Well, the the future age of connecting everything to everthing else, you will need to stored a records with time stamps (logs, time related transactional data etc..). The potential for these data sets to grow exponentially as we start connecting systems to each other is huge. IBM Informix seems to be a major player in this space as its transactional effeciency in times series data is impressive to say the least.

Informix is dead, long live Informix!

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