The Social Foundry at Dreamforce 2013

Another successfull Dreamforce for the Social Foundry! After talking with folks at the show, it seems that integration is one of the most popular topics, but also the most difficult to solve. As predicted, most people we spoke to had their CRM and some other smaller apps on the cloud while the majority of their financial data is housed on-premise. This trend is going to continue until the Cloud can address issues of security and privacy (which the NSA's recent PRISM activities have brought to the forefront).

Until then you will see Hybrid Cloud deployments where some of an organizations assets are deployed on the Cloud while others remain at the data center.

Other thoughts on the state of integration as it relates to It seems that people are now looking at web services as the default standard for internet communication more than ever. helped bring the RESTful conversation out of technology speak and into the C-Suite vocabulary. As a result I expect to see and explosion of web service deployments as executives educate themselves and drive these projects from a somewhat basic knowledge base. Selling the benefits of web services is tough as there is no shiny user interface. Its generally hard to explain RESTful web services to people other than tech folk so Kudos to for getting that message more mainstream.

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