Thoughts on API World

After a fruitful two days at API World in San Francisco a few thoughts come to mind as to the state of the API market in relation to the providers that were showcasing their technologies.

The first is that the API Market has yet to be concretely defined. Each vendor is attempting to craft a vision of the API market that is most advantageous to the product they are selling. In the interest of full disclosure we. of course, did the same! It seems that APIs mean something different to each person and that definition is related to whatever business problem they are currently trying to solve. Need an API to determine a person's mood on facebook? Got it! Need and API to monitor the health of our web applications? Got that too!! One thing that was universally agreed upon, however, is that the market is very very young. In fact this market did not exist two years ago!

As RESTful web services become the defacto standard, we should see some sort of formal definition soon. Right now it reminds me of the Burning Man festival that is annually held in the Nevada Desert. A hodge podge vaudvillian offerings with solutions abound but no formal direction!

#apimanagement #restful