​Q: What about your 60 day money back guarantee?

Just like it says. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, just let us know and we will refund your money no questions asked.

​Q: What Databases do you support?

With the SOAPbox release 1.7 and later, we support any ODBC compliant databases. That means if you can procure an ODBC driver for your database

then our product can connect to it.

Q: Can I try out your software?

Of course! Contact us for your proof of concept.

​Q: As a Salesforce.com developer is it really Free?

Yes it is free to develop your custom solution using The SOAPbox and The SOAPbox Add-in for Salesforce.com.  When the solution is implemented for either your company or a client of yours (if you are a Salesforce.com contractor or consulting firm), in a Production Org, then the billing starts.

The Social Foundry will bill the owner of the Production Org for the use of The SOAPbox and not the developer.


​Q: What about JSON and REST?

Yes, JSON/REST and XML/REST are supported as well as SOAP.







Q: What about other SOA Suites or ESB suites out there?​

The SOAPbox is not a traditional ESB or SOA suite. It is a web services gateway that contains a management layer designed to give you insights into your API usage. gaetway


Our approach is to keep the business logic inside the source systems and allow YOU the developer to just talk to the system when needed. So NO special programming, workflow tools, development environment, or application servers. Sometimes ESBs and SOA suites are needed, but most often they are prohibitively expensive or require a new skill set which takes time to master. We are a simple way to connect to back end databases.


Q: Can the SOAPbox Scale?

Yes, The SOAPbox, due to its light footprint, devotes the majority of its processing power to your requests and not running the actual software. Since it runs on Microsoft technology, you can configure your SOAPbox for redundancy, fault tolerance, and caching to ensure high availability of your SOAPbox deployment. In addition, we use the native drivers for each database which ensures you get the optimum connection to your database.


SOAPbox performance is largely based on the size of the database, the size of the SOAPbox server, and the latency between the two. The application itself is lightweight and requires little in the amount of resources to run.

Nothing is infinite however, and should you max out your first The SOAPbox, you can simply load balance and scale horizontally as you grow.far as you need to go. 

​Q: What about security?

Due to the way the The SOAPbox is designed, the security profile is high. We use dynamic key generation and lock out parameters to ensure that people knocking at your door do not get in.

In addition you can run the The SOAPbox in the clear or use SSL (our preferred method) to make sure data interchange between the The SOAPbox and your end points is encrypted. 


The SOAPbox also adheres to the development principles of OWASP and has incorporated OWASP best practices into our products.