The SOAPbox Add-Ons

The SOAPbox Add-Ons are things that make data integration even easier by allowing you to access The SOAPbox from the platform of your choice.

You can connect your applications to any

on-premise system in real time using our connectors for The SOAPbox. Imagine calling simple APEX methods from within and being able to retrieve and manipulate data from any on-premise system!

You can integrate any custom solution in real time and at the fraction of the cost of most data integrators.

Best of all IT IS FREE for all Salesforce developers. 

Real time integration with
Direct Access URL via (REST)

Sometimes you just want down and dirty integration. Wouldn't it be cool if you could just pass a simple URL and be able to interact with your database?

The SOAPbox Add-on for Direct Access URLs allow organizations to integratequickly by allowing access to your database through simple URL calls.

Access database from URL
For Oracle Cloud Services

The Power of real time integration is now be available on the Oracle Cloud!


Users of the Oracle Sales and Marketing Cloud can now access on-premise data in real time. Get a true 360 degree view of the customer using the SOAPbox and our custom solutions for Oracle.h. 

Just plug and go.

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